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Just because you are beginner guitarist, doesn’t mean you should settle for a mediocre teacher.

Dr. Simon Powis has performed as a soloist, band member, musical director, and session guitarist all over the world. More importantly though, for you, he has taught extensively in a broad range of styles and levels at: Yale University, music festivals, summer schools, high schools, for children, for adults, for aspiring professionals, and even other instruments apart from guitar.

Simon is one of the world leaders when it comes to online guitar instruction and has helped thousands of guitarists improve their playing and reach their musical goals.

BenVerderySimon Powis is the rare combination of a virtuoso guitarist and a thoughtful, forward thinking pedagogue. – Ben Verdery, Yale University.

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These four pillars of success guide our teaching approach. If you share these core values, then you will enjoy our curriculum.

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“I’m having a phenomenal time and I cannot recommend it enough anyone”


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