Beginner Guitar Lessons Online

Are you looking for beginner guitar lessons?

This site provides beginner guitar lessons with a structured and comprehensive approach to learning the guitar. Online lessons have transformed the way we approach education, but with such a wide variety of quality and an overwhelming amount of material to choose from it can be hard to develop your playing in a progressive way. In fact, it can be down right frustrating.

Beginner Guitar Corner has been specifically designed for the beginner guitarist. It provides high quality teaching, in a structured format.

First, let’s see if you are in the right place.

Are you one of the following?

  1. Starting from the very beginning, no experience at all.
  2. Returning to the guitar after a long break and starting from the beginning.
  3. A guitarist who never received a structured approach to learning the guitar, and you want to build solid fundamentals from the start. 

If so, read on.

The guitar has a core set of fundamentals that apply to all styles of playing. From acoustic to electric, from classical to jazz you will find there are core elements that set you up with a solid technique and musical understanding from the very beginning.

Once you have this solid foundation, the following steps and specialization into other styles becomes easier because you can rely on you foundation.

One of the most common mistakes guitarist make

I have taught in universities, festivals, online, workshops and private lessons. I can tell you, that after fifteen years of this teaching the single most defining aspect of someones skills lies in their early development. That they, you, develop technique in your right and left hands that you can rely on and that allow you to advance without gaping holes in your knowledge.

So, to address this problem I spent several years compiling and structuring a set of materials that get you playing the right way, from the very start.

Meet your guitar teacher

I am a passionate musician. Whether it is performance, teaching or further study for myself, I love music and the way it makes life better. I have a doctorate in music performance from Yale School of Music and have performed internationally on the concert stage. My main specialization is in the classical style, but I have toured with musicals (Rent, The Last Five Years), composed and performed Bluegrass (Woodstock, NYC, Austin), performed for TV specials on electric, and sat in with gypsy jazz and trad jazz groups.

I am not saying this to impress you, but I want you to know that along with the structured legacy of the classical tradition I have had experience in a wide range of genres, experience that you benefit from in this course.

Finally, more than just showing you how to play, I can teach to understand music. A practical and working knowledge of harmony and analysis can open up doors to a musical world that remains closed for most people.


Let’s talk about discipline.

You may have come across lessons, or sites that offer a quick start to playing. To be sure, the guitar has a pretty easy runway at the beginning and you can start playing chords and songs in a couple of lessons. However, in my opinion there has never been an easy path to anywhere worth going.

I don’t mean to say that we should think of playing the guitar as “difficult” but I think if we hold off on playing songs for just a little while and work on developing core skills first, we will get to a better place in the long run.

So, if you are going to take this beginner guitar course know that I will ask you to focus on some technique first before we get to playing songs. After we have set you up with good technique, you will be able to work on a whole range of popular songs because you will be armed with knowledge and a solid technique.


If this sounds good to you, let’s get started with your lessons right away.